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McLean High School

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McLean High School

Highlander Athletics

McLean High School

Highlander Athletics

Hall of Fame

Ever since McLean High School first opened its doors on September 6th, 1955, it has been home to many athletes. Coming from all walks of life and participating in a variety of sports, these athletes played their way through high school and, for some, beyond. This page is to commemorate the best of the best, who came through McLean High School. Please go to for more information.


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Cricket Call, 1967-1989

Roger Cole, 1955-1986

Mary Lou Carroll, 1956-1986

Demby Welwig Banbury

Ted Pease, 1974-2000



Jason Johnson, 1993

Dorean Kass, 1996

Jo Boobas, 1983

Everett Cloud, 1987

Karl Buckwalter, 1982

Gayle Smith, 1986

Ellen Fox, 1983

Seth Greisinger, 1993

Nate Friends, 1991

Craig Fielder

Eric Myren, 1981

Jenny Testrake, 1996

Lavon Carter, 1996

Ed Ryan, 1971

Mike Somins, 1971

Dicky Rickbeil, 1963

Greco Myren, 1976

Elliot McBride, 1961

Steve Luxford, 1964

Terry Grefe, 1963

Bill Dow, 1964

Marcia McDermott, 1983



Warren Harvey (Community Member)