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McLean High School

Highlander Athletics

McLean High School

Highlander Athletics

Team News.

Team News

2 years ago @ 2:52PM

McLean Golf History

McLean High School Golf
Year Boys MVP Girls MVP MIP
2006 Andrew Crawford Kate Waters Thomas Harris
2007 Alex Garza Emily Burke Paul Oh
2008 Sam Nelson Emily Burke Chris Russo
2009 Sam Nelson Maria Lu Ethan Arkin
2010 Sam Nelson Ally Crowers Nikos Pavlis
2011 Nikos Pavlis Ally Crowers John Heberton
2012 John Heberton & Dalton Taylor Paridhi Bhargava Cameron Kenworthy
2013 Kendall Taylor Kendall Taylor Charlie Fitzner
2014 Cameron Kenworthy & Kevin McCarthy No Award Paul Young
2015 Kevin McCarthy Cindy Tu Duncan Green
2016 Kevin McCarthy Tori Lam Jonathan Zou
State Qualifiers Girls State Qualifiers All Conference  
Kendall Taylor - 2013 Emily Burke - 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 (2013) Kendall Taylor - 1st Team  
Kevin McCarthy - 2015, 2016 Maria Lu - 2008, 2009, 2010 (2013) Charlie Fitzner - 2nd Team  
  Paridhi Bhargava - 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 (2013) Kevin McCarthy - 2nd Team  
Regional Qualifiers Ally Crowers - 2010, 2011 (2014) Kevin McCarthy - 1st Team  
Jeffrey Medsger - 2006 Kendall Taylor - 2013 (2014) Cameron Kenworthy - 2nd Team  
Alex Garza - 2007 Claudia Distinto - 2015 (2014) Paul Young - Honorable Mention  
Thomas Harris - 2008   (2015) Kevin McCarthy - 1st Team  
Ethan Arkin - 2009   (2015) Duncan Green - 1st Team  
Sam Nelson - 2008, 2009, 2010   (2015) Cindy Tu - 2nd Team  
Nikos Pavlis - 2011   (2016) Kevin McCarthy - 1st Team  
Cameron Kenworthy - 2013, 2014   (2016) Jonathan Zou - 1st Team  
Charlie Fitzner - 2013      
Kevin McCarthy - 2014, 2015, 2016      
Duncan Green - 2015      
Jonathan Zou - 2016      
Tournament Team Champions    
2010 - George Pavlis Memorial Tournament    
2013- George Pavlis Memorial Tournament    
Tournament Low Medalists    
2014 - Paul Young (75) - George Pavlis Memorial Tournament    
Tournament Hole-in-One    
Sam Nelson - Herndon Centennial GC - 5th Hole (Oct. 2009) District Championship    
John Heberton - Herndon Centennial GC - 16th Hole (Oct. 2010) District Championship    
Maria Lu - Red Wing, Va Beach GC - 13th Hole (Oct. 2009) VA Girls State Championship    

Team News

3 years ago @ 8:22AM

McLean Co-Ed Golf Overview/ August 2017 Practice Schedule

Tryouts are August 2, and 3 at Hidden Creek CC in Reston, Va.

Tryouts are from 7-10 AM.  You must have a Completed Physical dated after May 1, 2016 and have also completed the On-Line Concussion Training class to Try-out. The On-Line Training class link can be found on the McLean Activities website.  If you do not have these two completed you may NOT Tryout.

No Exceptions!

Co-ed Varsity will have 10-12 people.  If we have a JV it usually consists of 6-8 players.  Not all schools in Virginia have a JV. We will decide in August if we are able to field this team.  Girls who are not Varsity level will play on the Girls Team.  These numbers are estimates and subject to change. 

* You are expected to be in town the month of August as we have a full practice schedule, 3 matches, and 5 Tournaments, before we return to school.

JV players are not required to attend Varsity matches and tournaments.  JV players are required to be at Varsity practices.  The practice schedule for the month of August is posted below. On weekdays during the month of August, if we aren't participating in a match or tournament Monday-Thursday, we will most likely have practice.

Players starting Tee times and completion of individual matches can vary up to two hours.  Therefore, the school does not provide transportation to matches and practices.  All players and parents must make arrangements for transportation to events.  Car pools are recommended.

* Expectations: Our 12 th graders are expected to shoot Mid-80's or better for 18 holes. Juniors should shoot  around 90.  Sophomores around 95.  Incoming Freshmen need to shoot around 100-110 and be committed to improvement.  Girls Team members should shoot 60 or below for 9 holes.

Most all of our players have a Swing Coach and take lessons.

We strongly suggest our players play in Junior Golf tournaments throughout the summer and most do. Contact Coach Eyerly if you need assistance in finding or signing up for tournaments.

We expect our Athletes to be in top Physical Condition.  Go to "Team Files" and print out our mandatory Conditioning Program.  Start the Program Today and stick to it as we will continue Conditioning throughout the season.

Team uniforms and bags will be sold to each player.

You can follow McLean Golf on Twitter at @GolfMcLean

Contact Coach Eyerly if you would like to be added to our Golf Distribution email list to get the latest McLean Golf News.


Team News

3 years ago @ 5:05AM

McLean Golf Practice Schedule August 2017

Tuesday, August 1 Tryouts

Wednesday,  August 2 Tryouts

Thursday August 3 Tryouts


Practice is at Hidden Creek CC in Reston from 7-10 AM.  Meet at the Driving Range.  All Program members are to attend.  Dates and times are subject to change.
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