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Team News

1 week ago @ 9:56AM

Indoor/Winter Track 2021-22 Tryout and Conditioning Information

Information session
October 21, 2021 from 3:00-3:30 in the Bleachers at the McLean Stadium  (home team side)

Mandatory Paperwork Turn-In
November 5 @ 3:00pm- Both FCPS Athletic Registration and Indoor Track Sign up must be completed (Indoor Track Signup is separate from the FCPS Athlete registration)

No late paperwork will be accepted.

First day of tryouts: November 8 @ 3:15 on the track
Tryouts:11/8; 11/9; 11/10 @ 3:15 on the track
Cuts: 11/10 after tryout

11/14-21 at Road Runner Sport in Falls Church


Tryouts will begin on November 8 at 3:15. Those not in the attendance line by 3:15 will not be listed on our attendance roster and will not be allowed to tryout.


Team Green Day Conditioning will be held Tuesday and Thursday on the McLean Track starting 9/14/2021

You must have the following to begin conditioning and practice:

✓ Any required proof of vaccinations as determined by FCPS
Physical completed (info needs to be filled out on the proper form)
✓ Completed on-line FCPS Registration Process and ✓ Running shoes in good condition
✓ Track spikes (required after shoe night)

✓ Proper technical running gear (be prepared for all weather conditions)
✓ Water bottles
✓ Watch with stopwatch

***Athletes must complete the following health screening form using their FCPS Google Mail Account 30 minutes prior to arrival or scan a QR code when they arrive to check in every day, marking that they are not experiencing COVID symptoms. If athletes do not check in, they cannot participate.***

Practices: Practice will be held M-F.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday practices are from 3:15:-5::30 PM. Thursday practice is from 4:15-6:30 to allow for retakes, club meetings or tutoring. We will have team runs several Saturday mornings (9 or 10 AM), unless there is a meet. Practice will be held regardless of weather. We will go inside if necessary.


Competitions: Each athlete in good standing will be scheduled to compete several times throughout the season.


Events of Indoor Track & Field: 55 meter dash, 300 meter dash, 1000 meter run, 1600 meter run, 3200 meter run, 55 meter hurdles, 300 meter hurdles, 4 x 200 meter relay, 4 x 400 meter relay, 4 x 800 meter relay, long jump, triple jump, high jump, pole vault and shot put.


*If you would like to attend private pole vault lessons and jump for the team, please let the coach know


*See below for tryout times*


McLean Track and Field Tryout Information (2021-22)



  • We will have a three day tryout 

  • Due to stricter limitations on meet entries and safety concerns we will limit the roster to around 40-50 boys and around 40-50 girls. We will reserve a certain number of spots for the top freshman, as well.

  • Just because you make a time does not mean that you make the team. It means you will be considered for the team.



These distances will be performed throughout the week. You will have to make the time in at least one of the events to make the team. Please note that the qualifying standards for freshman is different from that of 10th - 12th graders. (Throwers are not required to make the running standard but must complete a 1600 meter run within 9:30)

9th grade
















20’0 or top two 9th graders)

24’0 or top two 9th graders)


10-12th grade
















22’0 (or top two 10-12th graders )

28’0 (or top two 10-12th graders)


EXPECTATIONS:  This is a varsity sport and attendance at practices and meets is MANDATORY. Failure to comply with practice and meet expectations may result in dismissal from the team..  Carefully consider your time commitments when deciding whether to try out for track.  We have practice every week day regardless of weather. Since we are making cuts, if you commit to the team, we have very high expectations!


PREPARATION: You MUST come to the first day of tryouts in shape and ready to run.  If you are not participating in a fall sport, here is a good workout schedule to get you started and ready for the first day of practice. Build slowly and stretch before and after the workout.  Follow this workout until the beginning of tryouts. 


   Run 5 days                                                                             Exercises each day

~ 2 days, run for 20-25 minutes/3 miles easy                            ~ 3 x 10 push-ups

~ 2 days, run for 15 minutes/2 miles moderate                         ~ 3 x 100 sit-ups 

~1 day, run for 20 minutes (1 min fast, 1 min slow) ~40 air squats

~ 8x50m accelerations after a run           ~ 3 x 25 lunges